Healthy and shiny hair; light, smooth and soft skin; sparkling eyes with curved eyelashes … these make women beautiful.

At this day and age, women have many choices in terms of cosmetics to use. However, NATURAL products are the excellent choice to bring out natural beauty. It is also safer and does not cause any harm to our well being.  11169675_422061541323811_1899207358376987514_o

Sense+ — Coconut+ — Beauty+ — Natural+

One of the widely used natural products for beauty treatments is coconut. It has been used from the ancient times to today. In the beauty care, coconut products are used for skin care, hair care, body scrubs or makeup remover, aside from using it on our dishes.

Based on this, Sense+ launched its "Coconut oil Sense +" products that are made from 100% coconut oil, no preservatives, no additives, no chemicals so these are safe for the consumers.


Sense+ Coconut oils, just 175.000 vnd but they are many used!

SENSE+ products are extracted from coconut oil combined with natural essential oils (grapefruit and holy basil) that help to care and preserve beauty. The products are transparent, light fragranced, not greasy and are quickly absorbed into the skin. They are produced through traditional extraction technology (wet-milling). Scientific research say this method retains the antioxidant, antibacterial and optimal moisture from coconuts.

A bottle of "Coconut oil Sense +", can be used for various moisturizing reasons as well as make up remover. It also comes in a handy packaging that is easy to carry in a purse.

For women to have a natural curly eyelash, Sense + has "Mascara coconut oil” that will not do any damage to your eyes and skin as it has vitamin E and fatty acids that stimulate eyelashes to naturally grow natural longer and thicker. This will also help keep the eyelashes healthier and guaranteed no loss of eyelashes.


Mascara coconut oils, price is 35.000 vnd - too cheap to own beautiful eyes with curly eyelashes!

"Rootie Sense+", a coconut based hair treatment product will give you that strong and silky hair that can withstand whatever hairstyle and color you put into the hair. It also has the fragrance of grapefruit and holy basil that gives you a refreshing scent throughout the day.


Rootie - Confident with a silky hair

Be that active, confident, successful, healthy and beautiful person with Sense+ products!

Here are some ways to use Sense+ Coconut oil products:

  1. Mix a few drops of Rootie with shampoo or conditioner and wash off as usual.
  2. Use as hair mask, gently massage rootie on scalp from 5 to 10 minutes, cover and leave it on for at least 30 minutes (or overnight), and wash off with shampoo.
  3. Use as hair serum on your hair shaft (after shampoo and drying your hair).
Sense+ Gift box

Sense+ products are a loved gift to give your love.

  1. Use as sunscreen
  2. Use as remover makeup
  3. Exfoliate: For some women, washing the face is not enough to remove dead cells and skin impurities. Therefore, Coconut oil Sense+ helps to remove dead cells from the skin to make it smooth and moisturized while absorbing the nutrients from the coconut.

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