Refund and change policy

  1. Refunds / Change Process:

         1.1. Customers In Ho Chi Minh City

           1.2. Other Areas

          1.3. Contacts for refunds or change

  1. General Refunds / Change Policy

Organik commits to sell new items / products and ensures the product’s quality from the suppliers.

Simultaneously, the products that customers get must be intact, clean and fresh, must be correct with the description information on website If the product that customer receives is not correct, customers must notify Organik within 12 hours from goods receiving the items / products. Organik refuses to support any claims about the product’s condition if you inform Organik after this time.

Products that are for refund/change must again be checked for quality. Organik will exchange new product or refund the entire product’s value following these conditions:

         2.1. Time:


Product Type



Vegetables, Fruits

6 hours

Request to store in fridge from 5 – 7 C degree

Dairy, Sausages, Chilled Items

12 hours

Request to store in fridge from 2 – 5 C degree

Frozen Foods

12 hours

Request to store in freezer.

Ready to Eat products

12 hours

Request to store in fridge from 5 – 7 C degree

Dry Goods

3 days

Store in a cool dry place

Beauty and Cosmetic products

3 days

Store in a cool dry place

         2.2. Additional Terms and Conditions

  • Products for refund or change must have the bill from Organik (required).
  • Products sent for refund / change must be intact as originally received.
  • Products are within the time range for applicable for refund / change. Time is calculated starting from the date/time of goods the customers receive the products until the date/time Organik is duly notified.
  • Customers can refund / change goods at the time of receipt for the following reasons: products are not in good condition; broken, smells rotten or musty, bruised due to delivery; products are wrong; products are expired.
  • In case the delivery man refuses to receive the products for refund / change. Customers can call + 84 9 1465 4286. Customers can also send an email to [email protected] with a photo of the product/s that are damaged, date and time received.

         2.3. Not Acceptable for Refunds / Change

  • Organik does not apply for products on promotion or any other sale promo
  • Organik does not apply when customers usage or purpose change.
  1. Refund Solutions

After Organik receives the product from the customer, Organik checks the quality of the product and information is verified. Then, the following actions: change to new product or refund the money. In cases where there are a lot of issues, Organik management may apply suitable discounts.

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