Discount cards and vouchers policy

Policy on Discount Cards and Vouchers

  • Discount Cards and Vouchers are given to customers with corresponding codes assigned to individual customers.
  • Codes from the discount cards and vouchers can be used at The Organik Shop and through
  • To avail of the benefits of the vouchers and discount cards, the code must be keyed in during the time of purchase online.
  • A voucher can only be used once and only for one order.
  • Organik has the right to cancel or edit orders, or cancel discount cards and vouchers with the following reasons:
  • Discount card or voucher is used in fraudulent ways.
  • Abuse in the use of discount card or voucher. The card and voucher is intended for individuals and not for multiple people (group) or corporate customers.
  • Discount card and voucher is for customers / users who are purchasing for personal / family purposes. The card and voucher can not be used to purchase items from the website or The Organik Shop and then, the items are used for Discount card and voucher are also not for selling.
  • Benefits using the discount card and voucher can not be applied simultaneously with other promotion or sale on the website as well as The Organik Shop.
  • Terms and additional conditions for the vouchers are clearly stated on the vouchers including expiry date, discount value and what kind of goods the vouchers are applicable to.
  • Vouchers are not convertible to cash.
  • Organik has the right to change the following terms and conditions as well as cancel any promotion at any time without further notice.

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