Delivery Policy

  1. General policy
  • Organik delivery has a minimum requirement of 150.000 vnd per order.
  • Organik delivery is done by our own delivery team and our authorized logistic partners.
  • Organik delivery team is equipped with devices to ensure the quality of our products during the delivery time.
  1. Range

Organik delivers nationwide. However, there are items / products that are only available in certain areas. This is to ensure that the quality of the products / items is not compromised.

  1. Delivery Fee

         3.1. Free delivery

Free delivery is offered with the following conditions:

  • Delivery Address is located in District 2 – HCMC
  • Order is over 500.000 vnd in HCMC

      3.2. Delivery Fee:

  • Shipping Fee within HCMC (excluding D2) is 30.000 vnd
  • Shipping fees are calculated based on the weight, dimension and the place of delivery. In cases where shipping fees are not automatically calculated through the website, Organik will contact the customer and get their agreement for the shipping fee before arranging the delivery of goods.
  1. Delivery Time

Organik will always try our best to deliver on time, as customers’ request. In cases of unexpected incidents, customers will be informed of any changes in delivery time. Delivery time differs depending on geographical location.

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