Return and Refund Policy

To protect the interests of our customers when shopping for their favorite products Organik, we would like to send you our detailed return and exchange policy here.

When buying products at Organik, you are completely assured of product quality. quality. For more detailed information on product return instructions, see the following:


As soon as you receive the goods, please check the goods with the delivery staff. If the product is found to have a problem with the product, the buyer has the right to refuse to receive the goods. Once the goods have been received and paid for, the goods cannot be exchanged or returned due to the specific nature of the product.

If you have any questions about products and orders, please contact Organik customer service for answers and solutions. Via hotline +84 914 870 076 or email to get the fastest response.


Exchange/Return & Refund Policy

Products are exchanged/returned.

The product does not guarantee the safety of the user

Instructions for exchange/return – refund.

– Step 1: In order to return the product, you need to notify Hotline +84 914 870 076 about the product status to receive specific instructions from Organik staff.

– Step 2: Please bring the product with your order information to return Organik products

– Step 3: Organik will recall the product and exchange a new product with the order for customers if the error is caused by Organik (excluding shipping fee) for customers.

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