Delivery Policy

Shipping policy divided by area is accepted:
Delivering to your home
Free shipping for orders above 500,000vnd
Payment by COD, ATM
Delivery policy

To protect the interests of our customers when shopping for their favorite products at Organik, we would like to send you the following detailed delivery policy.

Delivery time

– Time: fastest possible delivery from 1 to 3 days for customers nationwide

– Note: if there are any changes, we will actively contact and notify customers

Delivery cost

– Delivery cost: Depends on the customer’s delivery location (national, …)

– Note: If there are any costs, we will actively contact and notify customers

Payment Guide

+ COD payment method (pay at home after receiving goods)

You can choose from these payment methods. After confirming the order, Organik will pack the product and deliver it to the shipping service provider, then ship it to you to receive and pay at home. After checking the product, you make a direct payment of the product value to the delivery staff.

+ Payment method by bank transfer

Please pay 100% of the product amount by bank transfer, then the delivery service will deliver the product for you to receive at home.

– The payment information:


* Bank name: Vietcombank Lam Dong

* Account number: 0561003727918




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