Order Information

a. HCMC customers should place their orders before 2:00 PM the day before they expect delivery. Orders are prepared in Dalat and then shipped in the evening to HCMC.
b. Hanoi customers should place their orders before 2:00 PM on Sunday and Wednesday. Deliveries are then made on Tuesdays and Fridays. Non-vegetable items must be ordered one day early because it must first be shipped to Dalat from HCMC.
Yes you can order by phone. The phone number for orders is 0633549008. Please be sure and tell us all the information we need to get your order to you at the correct time and place.
Yes, we ask all customers to order a minimum of VND150,000 of product. This amount does not include shipping charges.
If a product is unsatisfactory please let us know and we will issue you a refund or replacement item.
If you have a question or complaint, please use our Contact Us page.
Yes, we accept orders from many parts of Vietnam. However, there are some limitations. You cannot order perishable items outside of HCMC. A few products are unavailable in Hanoi. During the ordering process the website will inform you about these limitations.
We try hard to deliver everything you order but sometime this does not happen. Sometimes we run out of something at the last moment or we find that the quality of what we have is not good enough. You should receive a packing list the evening before your delivery arrives. Please check this to see which items are not included. – Sometimes we make a mistake and forget to pack something for you. We apologize for this and keep trying to improve. You can help us improve by letting us know when you are not satisfied with our deliveries. One way to do this is by sending us an email via our Contact Us page. Or you can put a note in your next order.

Home Delivery Information

No, our delivery man can leave your order with a maid or at reception. Please make arrangements with your maid or the person at reception to receive the order and make payment.
You pay the deliveryman in cash at the time your order is delivered. Try to have enough change available for your order. HCMC customers can pay by credit card directly to the deliveryman. Please inform us before hand if you want to use this method.
HCMC customers who order before 2 PM, every day except Saturday, will receive their order the following day. Hanoi customers who order before 2 PM, on Sunday and Wednesday, will receive their two days later.
We pay our deliverymen a reasonable wage. You may tip them but please do not feel under any obligation to do so.
Shipping and delivery fees are based on two factors, weight and distance. These charges are included on your invoice and paid to the deliveryman. Please see the full table of delivery rates to all our service cities
We make regular deliveries to HCMC, Hanoi, or Da Nang. If you live somewhere else Contact us and we’ll work with you on a delivery plan.
We prefer cash payment for all purchases. When the Delivery Man comes to your door with your order he will also give you an invoice. Please pay him and at the same time sign the delivery sheet confirming that you have received the order in good condition and that you have made payment. If for some reason you have not paid upon delivery we will contact you to arrange for payment, usually by adding the amount lacking to the next invoice.